Zero Waste Maman

Hello! I’m Claire, aka Zero Waste Maman and I am dedicated to living in a manner that is making a change and influencing the future of our planet.  I want be part of the journey to educating consumers, being actively involved in environmental think tanks and campaigning for a permanent change in the way we use and dispose of plastic.

Whilst not professing to be a green-eco goddess who has nailed the zero waste life journey, as a  mother I care passionately about the planet my children live on and will inherit.

Single-Use Plastic is bad. Plastic detritus is polluting the seas. Ecology and our Environment we need to cherish, nurture and respect.


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I am new to this. Multi-tasking 3 social media platforms and not doing so as successfully as I’d like! I decided to go with a website because it seems to be the way forward to […]


A note from Claire…

“I’ve not set this website up to preach about how I care for the environment, I’ve set it up as a go to for everyone that want to do their bit, are confused at how […]