Website updates

I am new to this. Multi-tasking 3 social media platforms and not doing so as successfully as I’d like!

I decided to go with a website because it seems to be the way forward to each and all of us who have a passion and point to make! BUT, quelle horreur! I am finding it tricky so I would ask all of you who want my TOP TIPS for swaps and lifestyle ideas to bear with, I am on it just a little slow.  Think snail and hare.. the snail being my IT skills the hare being my ideas and creativity!



A note from Claire…

“I’ve not set this website up to preach about how I care for the environment, I’ve set it up as a go to for everyone that want to do their bit, are confused at how to do it.

Campaigning against how the supermarkets control how we shop is at the heart of this for me, as it is supermarkets that lead how much single use plastic is on sale and promptly thrown away as soon as we get home. I strongly believe that change will come about by the power of consumer care – by changing our shopping habits we have the power to change how the supermarkets think and make us shop.

The views expressed on my page and offerings of advice and top tips are from my own research. Don’t be afraid about the #zerowaste concept! Let’s go!”